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Applying for faculty positions generally involves submitting a variety of statements including a research statement, teaching statement, and statement of inclusive excellence. While these statements are living documents that continue to evolve as you do, it is paramount to have others read them for feedback. The Faculty Search Retreat provides a collaborative space for postdocs to have their application materials reviewed and critiqued by fellow postdocs. When applying to the retreat, you also commit to joining the collaborative effort and critique fellow postdocs' application materials. This serves as an added bonus because reviewing and critiquing other's writing improves your own writing! 


Privacy agreement

Participants acknowledge that the information and materials that they receive in the context of the Faculty Search Retreat are the intellectual private property of others. They are free to use and discuss these concepts, ideas, and materials only in the context of the Retreat and for no other purpose. Participants shall not directly or indirectly disseminate or otherwise disclose, deliver or make available to others any of the materials or concepts provided in the Retreat. The appropriation of ideas or concepts discussed in the Retreat for personal use by participants is expressly prohibited; except in cases where the ideas or concepts are (a) demonstrably in the public domain, or (b) can be verified as having been independently developed by the participant prior to participation in the Retreat.

Active participation

Participation in the Faculty Search Retreat is not passive and involves planning and preparation. When applying to participate you will be expected to: 

  1. Submit 1-2 page(s) of a draft of your research, teaching, or inclusive excellence statement when you apply for the retreat
  2. Critically read fellow postdoc's drafts in preparation for the retreat with 1 week notice (up to 7 drafts) 
  3. Attend the retreat in person (Gillis Building, conference room 104, Nov 8)
  4. Actively engage during the retreat and provide feedback on fellow postdocs' materials

The retreat accepts participants on a first-come-first-served basis. The first 15 applicants will be accepted in the retreat and any additional applicants will be added to a waitlist. 

Faculty Search Retreat

Please be sure to have 1-2 page(s) of a draft statement ready to submit when you apply.

Application closes on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST