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The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs organizes a variety of career and professional development events for postdocs each year with the intention to bring the community together and have critical conversations about everything postdoc.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Interstride Demonstration and Immigration Webinar

In this session you will not only receive (1) a demonstration on how to use Interstride, an online platform that supports international scholars with job searching, you will get (2) a chance to discuss visa options for foreign national scientists to continue their research in the United States and to enable career progression and advancement with an immigration lawyer, Brendan Delaney of Frank & Delaney Immigration Law.

Night Science: Creativity Workshop for Developing Research Ideas

Day science is what we traditionally think about when we think of "science". It is hypothesis-driven, empirically supported, and logical. Night science, on the other hand, involves unconnected, loosely related ideas and associative leaps. Often, our research questions come from night science, but it can be hard to think creatively when we are immersed in "day science". In this workshop (modified from Drs.

From Postdoc to a Real Job in Academia

The UK Society of Postdoctoral Scholars presents an academic job search workshop featuring an overview of the academic job market by Dr. Morris Grubbs (Assistant Dean of UK Graduate Student Professional Enhancement) and a panel of recently hired professors from the University of Kentucky on their experiences of going through the academic job search process not too long ago.